Become an Expert

What's an Expert?

Perhaps you have trained for your job, gained qualifications relating to your work, have many years of experience, or have insider knowledge about your particular industry area? If you can talk confidently and knowledgeably about a particular aspect of your business then you will be a valuable expert source for journalists.

How Can I be an Expert?

Media professionals often need experts in particular subjects for articles they are working on. When you join the site, you fill out a profile detailing your expertise, using keywords for your industry area so that journalists who are searching for experts can find you. Journalists can either search the directory and contact you directly, or they may submit a media request which is sent out to all the relevant experts.

What Happens When I Sign Up

When you register you set up a profile detailing your areas of expertise. After making your payment you’ll be sent a welcome pack which includes important information on how to use the site. Please take a few minutes to read through this as it will ensure you get the most out of the site. Once your profile is live, members of the media will be able to search for you and get in touch directly. You will also be able to log in to the private media requests area, to browse all the journalist requests that have been submitted.

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