About Media Friendly Experts

Media Friendly  Experts: The Founder

Media Friendly Experts was founded by former journalist Dina Behrman to bring together the nation’s best experts, with members of the media.

Dina spent ten years working as a journalist, including a two-year stint as a Commissioning Editor at the Sunday Mirror magazine. She has been published in almost every national UK newspaper, as well as many weekly and monthly magazines.

After leaving the world of journalism, Dina set up her PR coaching business, providing online products and packages to teach small business owners how to do their own PR.

Dina is passionate about educating entrepreneurs and business owners in how to generate publicity for their businesses and position themselves as authorities in their fields.

While working with many individuals who often couldn’t afford traditional PR agency fees, Dina spotted a gap in the market for a service that would match up different experts with members of the media.

Media Friendly Experts: The Service

Unlike other similar services, Dina wanted to provide a unique service that would allow journalists to both search for experts and submit media requests in one place.

With her background in journalism, and experience of working with small business owners and entrepreneurs, Dina hopes that Media Friendly Experts will provide brilliant opportunities for experts to gain media coverage, whilst also making journalists’ jobs easier.

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